Over the last week it seems that everyone has watched "THE WAR ON WASTE" which has seen a major rise in people purchasing re-usable cups. Now you would think that cafe owners and all those selling these cups would be stoked for the extra sales, BUT what can be a really good thing can also have a negative affect. My personal fear is that many of the re-usable cups being sold will be used for a week or two and then end up forgotten in a kitchen cupboard, under seats in cars or worse in the bin, in which case these cups would only be adding to the problem! Now we always will and have offered a discount for all who bring their own cup but even so we have seen them be used for short periods of time before being discarded for the "no need to wash throwaway cup".

some re-usable cups end up with as little as 1-2 uses before they are forgotten or lost!!! 

I guess what I am trying to say is don't let the hype of "doing the right thing" aka purchasing the re-usable cup be the beginning and the end of it, continue to use the cup until the day it falls apart. purchasing the cup is only the start of something good not the end! I don't know what the trends are but we welcome any cup/vessel no matter what the branding or style as long as it is clean 

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